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my feelings today, from B5:

These are no longer the good old days, Lord Kiro.

Yes. More's the pity.

Where did it all go wrong, Mollari? Where did we lose it all?

l don't know. l don't know.

really enjoying watching Peloton implode...not Terra Luna leave (why would you put your life saving in an algo stable coin?) but around Herman Cain awards

Season one was actually pretty good. But then it went down hill from there. Season three was just awful and season four was unwatchable.

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I had such low expectations for Strange New Worlds. But after three episodes, I like it so far. It feels like Star Trek.

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They really need to fire the the Picard and Discovery writers.

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Then there was Picard. Such high hopes. Season one was bad and season two horrid.

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I grew up a Star Trek fan; DS9 was my favorite (once it found it's footing). Enterprise was terrible and glad they wiped it away in the finale. JJ Abrams reboot kinda sucked. I was so happy when Discover came out.

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